About Us

At Beloved Covenant Creations, we specialize in making customized faith-based items such as coffee mugs, t-shirts, decals, totes, and more.

This business did not just happen; it was inspired by two creative women; my mother and grandmother, who raised me to love creativity and crafting. BCC is a tribute to them for leaving behind a great legacy, and I am proud that their dreams are being lived through me.

At BCC, we aim to address the misconception about faith and fashion. We believe that being a believer is not an excuse to lag in the fashion world. 

Creativity is one of our core values in BCC; There is a touch of uniqueness to each of our finished works. Our outputs speak creativity and quality.

We are a set of open-minded people, so in case you have a particular design in mind, feel free to share it with us. We will create your orders in accordance with your specifications. For custom requests email us at belovedcovenantcreations@gmail.com.

There is a difference when passion is looped in one's profession. That difference is what you will see when you direct your orders to us. We deliver simply the best designs.